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Scott, Author at Lithic Images Blog

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Poor Tweety

I found this little fella having a snack in our backyard today. I’m not 100% sure if it’s a Sharp-shinned hawk (Accipiter striatus) or a Cooper’s hawk (Accipiter cooperii). We have an abundance of feeders in the backyard and attract all sorts of small birds that this bird could predate on. I’d love to hear…

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Disc Odyssey 2018

Hello All, If you are looking for the DO gallery you can either click on this link or head over to the Images section of my gallery and find it in there 🙂 Thanks for looking! Scott  

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Missinipe magic

My family and I recently had the good fortune of spending a week up in northern-ish Saskatchewan. Missinipe is a gorgeous little village located on the edge of Otter Lake, which is part of the Churchill river system. There were lots of photos taken but one really catches my eye. It really conveys the tranquility…

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Nanahbozho’s Fire

Hi all, long time no talk 🙂 Just thought I’d pop by and add a couple neat shots of the aurora borealis I grabbed last night. Nothing mind boggling, just neat imagery. The kicker was the nicest stuff was about 45min before, south of Saskatoon by Dundurn. It truly was a once and a lifetime…

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Buying a photo primer :)

Hello All, now that you have seen your layout D image and want to have it for you very own here is how you do it! Scroll through the CUC 2016 galleries and find the image you’d like to buy. You will see a red box in the top corner that says “Buy Photos”. Click…

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2016 Canadian Ultimate Championships

I am proud to announce that I was recently selected as the official photographer for the 2016 Canadian Ultimate Championships. I will be on site for the Edmonton portion of the event from monday, August 8 to sunday, August 14. I will be snapping away and loading images every night to the site. You can view…

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Thank you Saskatoon Camera Club

I just wanted to reach out and say thank you to the Saskatoon Camera Club for having me come do a talk for their members. I was asked to speak about aerial photography and it was a great time. I enjoyed meeting the members and would encourage anyone to head down to their meetings and…

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Yellowstone 2014

Hello All! We are just winding down a trip that started at Saskatoon, SK and went all the way down to the Grand Tetons, WY. On the way back up we spent time in Yellowstone National Park and are currently heading to the Rocky Mountains. I just wanted to share some quick unedited photos that…

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