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Nanahbozho’s Fire

Hi all, long time no talk 🙂 Just thought I’d pop by and add a couple neat shots of the aurora borealis I grabbed last night. Nothing mind boggling, just neat imagery. The kicker was the nicest stuff was about 45min before, south of Saskatoon by Dundurn. It truly was a once and a lifetime…

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Another amazing Aurora Borealis!

Hello All, I thought I’d share a couple new shots from last nights magnetic storm in northern Alberta. They were taken with a D700, 14-24 f2.8, mc-36 release, RRS tvr-33 and BH-55 ballhead. Enjoy! And my personal favourite…

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Aurora Borealis

I snagged a couple good shots after sitting in the snow for an hour. I defenitely need to work on my post processing techniques, as there are visible gradations throughout the colour banding in the aurora. I ran each image through the Niksoft’s Dfine 2.0 twice. that took care of some of the noise from…

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